Seven Tips To Get The Most From Your New Android Tablet

The over-sized turkey is in the oven and the floor is covered in shredded wrapping paper. Everything that can go ‘ping’ has been opened, charged, and many of you are looking at a new Android tablet wondering what to do next. In this festive edition of Android Circuit (wedged between the Michael Bublé Christmas Special and another repeat of Continue Reading

8 Android tips and tricks that will change the way you use your smartphone

Happy birthday, Android! Eight years ago today (September 23) the first ever Android phone, the nattily named T-Mobile G1 was released on to the world. Who knew back then that Google’s iPhone rivalling mobile OS would go on to eventually dominate the smartphone space? Despite its now ever-present nature, the Android OS still has a few Continue Reading

How to Add Custom Shortcuts to Your Chromebook App Launcher

Shortcuts for apps and plugins on your Chromebook are automatically installed in the app launcher (also called the Shelf) when they are first downloaded, giving users a very convenient way to access their favorite downloads. Unfortunately, your favorite websites don’t show up there automatically. Fortunately, you can add your favorites to this window, as long Continue Reading